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I come from a ranch by Guthrie, Texas where I had been living throughout my childhood. I made videos in high school such as vlogs, a PSA, and a stop-motion video. After I graduated, I made more videos in South Plains College such as my vlog, "South Plains College with Tito Contreras", my PSA, "SPC Consent", and news packages. Finally, I transferred to the University of North Texas where I shot films such as my short documentary, "College Life", and my short narrative films, "Happiness" and "Censored". After all that, I graduated with a Bachelor's degree and I am pursuing my dreams in becoming a successful filmmaker. In the future, my goals are to expand my cinematography skills by creating different kinds of media such as commercials, music videos, and real estate videos. Later on, I'm planning to start working on my first feature length film. My ultimate goal is to have the freedom and courage to express myself in any way possible. Filmmaking is one of the things.

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