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Something random that I want to do for this movie, particularly in the most famous scene with the drill instructor. I've seen some YouTube videos of this that focuses on the cussing, but I haven't seen any one that simply takes out the cuss words and other words around it. So, I thought about making this video, and I did it. So here you go! Enjoy!

Here is another random video related to Pokémon! What came into my mind is that what if I put a Phil Collins song into a Pokémon film. I was playing the extended version of Phil Collins's song "Against All Odds (Take a Look at Me Now)" that I found on YouTube. At the same time, I was playing this clip of the climax from "Pokémon the Movie: I Choose You". I was very surprised to discover that the song works very well in terms of the rhythm and the intensity of the emotions that occurs in each individual part. It gave me the idea of actually making this video of putting the Phil Collins song in a Pokémon film. For me, I believe that Phil Collins should've made a song for a Pokémon film. The fans of this show and Phil Collins's music would adore the song and it would become an instant classic. Unfortunately, it's too late for him under his health conditions. He can try to do it, but I don't how successful it would be when the time comes.

Going back to the video, I created a new project in Adobe Premiere Pro and imported the song and the clip. I was passionate and excited enough to play around with audio effects and figure out how to make them work throughout the video. I did it plenty of times but I wasn't committed enough to try my best and get it done because it was getting late and I needed to shower, go to sleep, and spend another day at work. However, whenever I was sharing my favorite songs and scores from the soundtrack of "Against All Odds" (1984) in my Instagram and Facebook stories, I thought that I better get this video done so I can move on to share more of my favorite music and do more small personal projects. At that time, I was finally committed to work hard, stay up late for a while for the next few nights, and get it done to show my passion to you all.


It was really fun and productive working on the video because I can practice and build more skills in editing, particularly audio mixing. This is the first time that I tried new methods of audio mixing such as Parametric EQ, Dynamics, and Compressor. I just learned those things by watching tutorials of Adobe Audition, the audio-oriented editing software. I thought that this video is the opportunity to put those effects into good use. They helped me a lot on creating the ideal result. My goal of those audio effects is to have the dialogue in the scenes stand out and not be drowned by the music. That was the problem that I've been having since the beginning of my career. I had to turn the volume of the music way down to hear dialogue from anybody; but I want to hear the music. So those audio effects made the dialogue of the video sound dominant, even when the music playing is kind of loud.

Finally, about the inclusion of the Phil Collins song, I think it fits in very well with the scene in so many ways. First, about the music, the rhythm is on point most of the time. The intensity of the music was appropriate for the parts when Pikachu starts to see Ash fading away, Ash starts running to Pikachu, them two finally seeing each other and embracing one another, and Ash using the feather to put it on top of the small rocky hill to call out Ho-Oh. Next, about Phil Collins's vocal performance, I'm ecstatic that the emotions and passion of his voice work very well. I love it that Phil Collins gives out a yell, giving his strongest passion and emotion, when Ash jumps up to Pikachu. That strength of his passion represents Ash's determination and his relationship with Pikachu. Ash has shown time and time again that he would do whatever it takes to be with Pikachu and protect him from harm, even if it comes down to risking his life. I admire that a lot. Also, about the lyrics, it fits in very well with what's going on, but not perfectly though. The parts of the lyrics that I believe works with the scene is when Ash has to die or fade away and Pikachu can't do anything about it. Pikachu loves Ash so much because he is the only one that really knows him. He didn't like anybody until he and Ash met. And also, I'm sure that Pikachu felt empty inside due to the absence of Ash. He wants to explain more to Ash on how he feels and wants him to turn around and see him cry. Those individual parts work perfectly. I love that! I think this would be a great song coming from Pikachu's point of view. Finally, I think the music would appeal to the general audience because this song sounds as if it was made in the 1980s or 1990s because of the slow rhythm and the reverbed beats. It may even sound like as if the song was in the first season of Pokémon in the late 1990s. Therefore, this song would appeal very well with the older, nostalgic fans of Pokémon. At the same time, it may appeal to the younger fans because it would introduce them to Phil Collins, his music, and the authentic 1980s and 1990s sound that the music industry uses right now to try to make a hit. Can't they be original anymore?

I really hope you like this video. I'm showing you the passion that I have for filmmaking, expressing my imaginations and curiosities. You'll be hearing more from me soon. I'm not going to quit. I got some ways to go to have a successful career. While you wait to hear back from me, I hope you enjoy this random video that I made. Enjoy!


  • Pokémon the Movie: I Choose You (2017)


  • Phil Collins

    • Against All Odds (Take a Look at Me Now) (1984)




For some random reason, I thought about inserting music from Jaws 3-D into Pokémon. I think the music fits in well with this scene regarding the situation, the actions, and the emotions. What do you think? Does the music sound good for this scene?

  • Television Series

    • Pokémon (1997 - present)

      • Episode 39: Pikachu's Goodbye (1998)​​

  • Film

    • Jaws 3-D (1983)

      • Composer: Alan Parker
        • Score: End Titles


with                  Music

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